Mixed Media

Mixed-media is a combination of different painting processes. A lot of the images are about some of my trips to different parts of the world!


Birds have always brought me joy and I love painting images of them

Cuban Cars

I’m originally from Cuba and on my last visit I fell in love with these old cars! They’re beautifully restored! These paintings are created by using a collage of the car and then painting all around them.


This is pure fun! Just get an idea and paint away…FUN!

Fiber Art

All of these pieces are made by systematically embroidering tiny stitches by hand! As you can imagine, sometimes it takes well over a year to complete a piece!

Wrap-Around Canvas

This process is fabulous! You paint the front and all sides of the canvas…and so the story continues all around!


Birdhouses are lovingly and carefully hand-painted. They’re also sealed for outdoor use.